This is an Optional Event to be determined by the Regional Director in your Region.

The tournament of champions (TOC) is an X Event Tournament held on the first weekend after the season ends. Each Regions qualifiers will be based on size of Region​and can vary. ​

Regional Directors/Regional Managers (RD/RM) will contact each Player with an Invitation to the Tournament. Some regions will do Bar Leaders and Others Regions will do the Venue Top 3. If multiple players are in the top three of numerous venues, then players may be bumped up. RD/RM will have the list of Qualifiers by the Tuesday following the end of each season. The qualifiers will be notified by their Regional Director. The winner of the tournament will receive a seat into the Regional Main Event along with the Regional TOC Trophy that is "Perpetual", and will be passed on from season to season, much like our National Top Gun Trophy with customized Plates for each Player and Season.