This is an annual $25,000 Guaranteed "Invitation Only" Tournament held in Florida.

The 2020/2021 Championship is TBA; due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for more information

Here is how you can qualify for your Seat (or Invite) to the HSP National Championship.

  • Winning a Regional HSP Satellite Event = SEAT

  • Winning a Regional Top Gun (Player with the most points in their respective Region) = SEAT

  • Placing Top 1 to Top 9 (Final Table) at a Regional Main Event (Varies by Regional Size) = SEAT

  • Placing Top 9 (Final Table) at Bar Leader Finals = SEAT

  • By winning a Venue at anytime during the Fiscal Year, you are issued an "Invite" to the Classic. Your Seat is assigned, but not covered by High Stax - the Standard Entry applies. = INVITATION